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Beach Sports and Fitness

This four week course is suited to anyone with an interest in surfboard riding, scuba diving and ocean water sports in general. With a focus on learning to ride a surfboard, the course includes instruction on gaining and keeping fitness for the demands of ocean water sports.
Ocean Knowledge
Surfboard Riding
Scuba Diving
Surf Rescue
Fitness and Training

DURATION: Four weeks COST: Euro 1,300

Tropical Interiors

Discover the magic of the tropical home interior in Bali. Explore the design techniques used to create wonderful tropical interiors perfectly suited to the natural environment.
Interior Design Theory in Bali
Tropical lifestyle
Furniture Design in Bali
Materials for the Tropical
The Tropical Garden

DURATION: Four weeks COST: Euro 1,100

Architecture in Bali

This four week course introduces students to the rich architectural traditions of Bali. A blend of topics is included that allow students to explore tropical architecture through hands on activities such as sketching, painting and model making.
Balinese Design Philosophy
Traditional Balinese Home
Resort Design in Bali
Design for the Tropics
Sketching Techniques
Water Colour
Landscape Design for the Tropics

DURATION: Four weeks COST: Euro 1,100

Spa Training

This two week course provides training in spa therapy and beauty services as they are practised in Bali.
Work Safely
Make up
Body Scrub and Wrap
Balinese Massage
Facial Treatment
Manicure and Pedicure

DURATION: Two weeks COST: Euro 750

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